Guide to visiting Cotswold Confetti Fields

For 10 days every summer, farmland in the shadow of the Bredon Hills in Worcestershire is adorned with a pastel palette of blues, whites and pinks, and the Cotswold Confetti flower fields open their fields of tall, elegant delphinium flowers to the public.

Real Flower Petal Confetti was founded by local landowner Charles Hudson in 1997 after he spotted wet paper confetti infesting the local village churchyard. He was looking for ways to diversify his farm, so he experimented with using dried flowers to create an eco-friendly alternative to paper, foil or plastic confetti, eventually opting for delphiniums and cornflowers.

Guide to visiting Cotswold Confetti Fields
Cotswold confetti fields

The flowers are harvested, dried and sorted by hand to create confetti. It is small and light, so it floats very well and is also completely biodegradable. So it’s no surprise that it was very popular, used in tens of thousands of weddings around the world, including several royal ones!

You can buy their confetti online, but the fields are also open to the public for a short period each summer before harvest so you can see the flowers in person. Like the Cotswold Lavender Farm near Snowshill, the confetti fields make great photo opportunities.

Colorful stripes of flowers from above
Colorful stripes of flowers from above

So, if you’re planning to visit Cotswold Confetti Fields, here’s everything you need to know, from how to get there and how much it costs, to what else to do and where to stay nearby.

Walk through the fields of confetti
Walk through the fields of confetti

Where are the Cotswold confetti fields located?

Real Flower Petal Confetti Co is based on the estate of Wyck in the small village of Wick near Pershore in south Worcestershire, on the outskirts of the Cotswolds. The estate covers over 1,000 acres of arable land and has been cultivated by the Hudson family for over 250 years.

The exact location of the fields varies as they are replanted every year, but the general zip code for Confetti Flower Fields is: WR10 3NZ. As soon as you arrive at the village of Vik, you will see yellow signs indicating the entrance, walking along rough, rocky one-lane farms. Then there is plenty of parking space on the large lawn next to the entrance.

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co near Pershore
Real flower petal confetti

If you are traveling by public transport, the nearest train station is at Pershore (north of the city proper), 3.5 miles away. There’s no bus service to the confetti fields, and there’s no taxi rank at Pershore station, so you’ll need to book a taxi in advance to get there and back.

If you are visiting the confetti fields later in the day, please be aware that no vehicles (including taxis) are allowed on the grounds after 4:00 pm, so you will need to go to Vik village to pick you up.

Raised platform on Pershore's confetti fields
Raised platform

What is there to do in the Confetti Flower Fields?

The flower field occupies a huge area, multi-colored stripes of white, pink, lilac and indigo flowers stretch in front of you. The flowers are mostly delphiniums, but there are also some patches of cornflowers and wildflowers such as poppies to add an extra touch of color.

There are walkways so you can walk right through the flowers and get a closer look at each of the flowers (visitors are asked not to walk between the rows in case the plants get trampled). And a raised observation deck allows you to see stripes of different colors from above.

Cotswold Confetti Fields is a very popular photography spot, whether it’s a mini family photo session or scenic Instagram shots. Keep an eye out for bees and butterflies, which also feed on flowers, for good macro opportunities.

bee on confetti flowers
bee on confetti flowers

If you are taking photos for personal use there is no extra charge, but professional photographers must pre-register and purchase a professional photographer pass (£49 per day). You can also hire a local professional – the Confetti Fields website lists photographers who have booked a visit.

A whole temporary event springs up around the fields for 10 days when they are open, with portable toilets, a café and a shop. The temporary Confetti Café serves hot and cold drinks, cakes and ice cream. You can also bring your own picnic with hay bales and picnic tables to sit on.

Pop-up Confetti Cafe at Cotswold Confetti Fields
Pop-up Confetti Cafe

You can’t pick flowers around the lot, but there is a flower shop where you can buy a bouquet for £10 to take home, and the hard working team next door make bouquets ready to ship.

There’s also a shop tent where you can grab pouches of dried delphinium and wild flower petal confetti to take home, as well as confetti flower seeds and local honey (if you miss, you can also buy confetti). Online). And they have an artist who creates flower-inspired art, from hand-painted greeting cards to colorful paintings that are all for sale.

Colorful delphiniums in the Cotswold confetti field
colorful delphiniums

When is the best time to visit?

The confetti flower fields are only open for a limited time every summer, so don’t miss out. The exact dates vary from year to year as they have to coincide with when the bloom looks best, but they are usually open for 10 days in early July.

This year Pershore Confetti Fields are open from June 30 and July 9, 2023 from 10:00 to 17:00, last entry at 15:45. Tickets usually go on sale in mid-June and they sell out quickly for the weekend so you need to book early – keep an eye on Real Flower Petal Company’s social media accounts – it’s a good way to find out when tickets go on sale.

If you want to avoid the crowds, the quietest time is late afternoon on weekdays. Although the site covers a large area, so you can usually find a quiet place for yourself even during peak hours.

flowers from above
flowers from above

How much does it cost?

Entrance to Cotswold Confetti Fields is worth £7.50 per person (including parking). There is only one standard price with no concessions, but entry is free for children under five.

You can buy tickets in advance Online and they are not available at the door. And when booking, you need to choose a time slot – they are available every hour from 10:00 to 17:00. You do not need to arrive on time, you can arrive at any time within 45 minutes.

Upon arrival, you need to show the QR code from your confirmation email to the inspectors on your way to the car park – you can do this either on your phone or on a printout.

Photo shoot in the flower fields of confetti
Lots of photo opportunities in the flower fields

Tips for visiting Cotswold Confetti Fields

  • Dogs are not allowed in the confetti fieldsand they should not be left in cars either.
  • Although it is not actively applied, they offer you stay maximum two hours so the site doesn’t get too busy and there is plenty of time to explore.
  • non-commercial photo welcome, but drones are not allowed.
  • There are portable toilets in the car park (with hand sanitizer but no running water).
  • There’s not much shade around fields, so bring a hat and sunscreen with you on sunny days.
  • The fields remain open except severe weather so bring an umbrella or raincoat with you in case it rains.
  • The ground is uneven, so wear comfortable flat shoes (avoid high heels). wheelchair and stroller users may find it difficult.
Cotswold confetti field from above
confetti fields

What else is there to do near the Confetti Flower Fields?

Georgian trading town Pershore is only two miles from the confetti fields. It sits on the banks of the River Avon and has a Norman abbey, the Almonry Museum and a good selection of independent shops. Bredon Hill Also nearby are the remains of an Iron Age hillfort and a stone tower known as Parsons’ Folly Above, built in the mid-18th century for a local MP.

In addition, the National Trust is just a 15-minute drive away. Kroom House, which was used as a secret airbase during World War II. And 25 minutes before Broadwaywhere there are museums to visit, great restaurants and a lovely 7.4 km circular walk from the village to the Broadway Tower.

And if you are a real fan of flower fields, you can combine a trip to the confetti fields with a visit Cotswold Lavender15 miles from Snowshill which is open from mid-June to August.

Wildflowers grow around the fields

Where to stay near Pershore Confetti Fields

If you want to spend a weekend in the Cotswolds confetti fields, Angel Inn Hotel* in Pershore is from the Tudor period and was built from old ship logs. It has many historical features, 20 cozy bedrooms and a restaurant that uses produce from its own farm.

Woodlands 159* is a cozy traditional B&B in the center of Pershore. There are three guest bedrooms – two doubles and a family room – and a large cooked breakfast is included.

Or Eckington Manor* This is a country hotel six miles south of Pershore’s confetti fields. The rooms are divided between a 12th-century manor and former barns, with a mix of original details and contemporary decor. It is known for its food, famous restaurant and culinary school.

A bouquet of confetti flowers to take home
A bouquet of confetti flowers to take home

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