Pamela Hilburger

Pamela Hilburger, Lifestory of American Jewelry Designer

Who is Pamela Hillburger?

Pamela Hilburger is known as a jewelry designer for several well-known companies due to her ex-husband’s connections. She is well known in the public eye for being the mother of Devon Aoki. She has appeared in films such as Sin City, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Dead or Alive, and Mutant Chronicles, among many others.

Pamela Hillburger Lifestory

Pamela is a well-known jewelry designer who has collaborated with a wide variety of companies, including those owned by her husband from her former company and other well-known companies. Furthermore, she is well known as Devon Aoki’s mother.

Devon Aoki is an American model and actress who has been in a wide range of films, including those with the titles Mutant Chronicles, Dead or Alive, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Sin City, among others. Devon is from the United States.

Devon Aoki daughter of Pamela Hilburger

Pamela was the Former wife of Hiroaki Aoki, A Japanese American Businessman. After getting divorced from Hiroaki Aoki, Pamela Hilburger became known as the mother of Devon Aoki. Other than that, we know little about her past, including where or when she was born. On the other hand, Pamela’s daughter Devon claims that her mother’s ancestry is German and English.

Pamela Hilburger and Hiroki Story:

Hiroaki was a Japanese-American businessman who founded the Japanese restaurant chain Benihana. In his spare time, he competes as a speedboat racer and as a wrestler for the good of the sport.

Pamela Hilburger’s divorce from Hiroaki Aoki took place in 1991. The couple had been married since 1981. They have three children: Devon, Denika and Cindi. For the record, Hiroaki has been married three times. Chiruru Kobayashi Aoki was his first wife, whom he married in 1964. Pamela Hilburger was his second (d.1981).

Hiroaki had a $40,000,000 net worth before his untimely demise. Pamela Hilburger also accumulated considerable riches as a result of her divorce from Hiroaki.

Pamela Parents and Siblings

Pamela is the surviving daughter of Rosa D. (mother) and Edwin Hilburger (father). Rosa and Edwin had six children, including Pamela, Devon’s mother. Despite the loss of her brother Mark, she is the oldest of four siblings: Richard and Valerie are her sisters, while Derek and Larry are her brothers. Pamela’s actual date of birth is unknown despite the above details. Some sources put her year of birth as 1951, making her current age 71.

People Ask Questions:

Who is Pamela Hilburger?

Pamela Hilburger is known as the ex-wife of Hiroaki Aoki who was a deceased Olympic wrestler and former owner of a Japanese cooking company called Benihana. Hilburger has a background in jewelry design and painting and is best known for her association with Aoki.

Where is Pamela Hilburger now?

On the Internet, there is no such information about her existence or residence.

Final words about Pamela Hilburger

Despite her prominence in the public eye, Pamela Hilburger chooses to lead a low-key existence. After ending her marriage to her ex-husband, she retreated from public view and has since settled into a secluded life in which she finds contentment. Because of this, nobody knows anything about their current love state.

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