Stelle Ciccone Madonna Adopted Daughter from Malawi

Stelle is the youngest of Madonna’s four children and the only one not born to her. As more and more people learn about Stelle Ciccone, Let us tell you more about her life and the special relationship she has with Rockstar Madonna.

Who Is Stelle Ciccone?

Stelle Ciccone is the daughter of an American-Malawian celebrity. She rose to international fame in 2017 after pop queen Madonna adopted her and her twin sister Estere from Malawi. She currently resides in New York with her new family.

Who is Stella Ciccone

Stelle Ciccone’s Biography and Profile

  • Full name: Stelle Ciccone
  • Date of birth: 24th August 2012
  • Age: 9 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Biological Parents: Patricia and Adam Mwale
  • Adoptive mother: Madonna Louise Ciccone
  • Stelle Ciccone’s siblings: Five, including twin sisters Estere, Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda, and Mercy James
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • Place of birth: Malawi
  • Nationality: Malawian-American

Stella Ciccone is an actress, singer, and songwriter with many skills. She is the daughter of Madonna, a famous singer, and Sean Penn, an actor. Since she was young, Stella has been making waves in the music world. Since then, she has released several singles and albums.

She has worked with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj, three of the biggest names in the music industry. Stella is known for her unique style and sound, which combines pop, hip-hop, and R&B.

Stella Ciccone is much appreciated by the audience, Her fans consider her as the best example for young artists, and Stella’s dedication and hard work show how much she cares for her profession.

Who is Madonna Ciccone?

Madonna Ciccone is an American who sings, writes songs, acts, and runs her own business. She has sold over 300 million records worldwide, making her one of the most successful and influential female artists of all time.

Madonna is known for her outspoken views on social and political issues, as well as her music, fashion, and performances that push boundaries.

Madonna Kids:

Madonna has two biological and four adoptive. Her biological children include daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (1996) and Rocco Ritchie (2000). In 2006, the artist adopted one-year-old David Banda from Malawi. Later in 2009, Madonna adopted four-year-old Mercy James, also from Malawi.

Madonna Kids

Stella Ciccone Twin Sister:

Estere Ciccone is the twin sister of Madonna’s youngest daughter, Stelle Ciccone, who is also a famous singer. On August 24, 2012, Estere and Stelle were born in Malawi.

Estere is the quieter of the two sisters and is generally happy to stay out of the way while her sister is in the spotlight. Despite not being the same age, the two sisters are close and often play together.

Estere is a very creative and imaginative child who always has new ideas and stories to tell her family. She enjoys drawing and painting, and you can often find her holding a pencil or brush.

Estere is a very loving and caring sister who always takes care of her twin sister and makes her happy.

Stella Ciccone Twin Sister

Stella Ciccone Biological parents and other siblings:

The girl was born to farmers Patricia and Adam Mwale. Sadly, she never got to see her biological mother, who passed away just days after giving birth to her and her twin sister Estere. She developed complications after giving birth by cesarean section.

Estere and Stelle’s father could not afford to take care of them. He decided to take them to the Home of Hope orphanage located in Mchinji, and he would go see them regularly.

In 2017, their father agreed for Madonna to adopt his twin girls because he wanted them to have a better life. They then relocated to New York, United States, to start living with the Queen of Pop.

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